Austin Furniture Stripping & Refinishing
Pricing is one of the most difficult and complicated things that we refinishers have to deal with. We don't get into this business because we want to get rich, but because we really enjoy the work and the independence we have.
There really are no pricing standards for our industry, it's up to each individual shop to come up with a price list that's suitable for the area that they are operating in, and their overhead.
We all start out with really cheap prices, but eventually, we learn that in order to be fair to our customers, we need to charge enough to do the best work we're capable of. Anything less would be cheating our customers.
There is also the matter of self respect. I value the talents that I have and what it took to learn them. The price I charge is not only for my labor and materials, but for the knowlege and experience I've gained over many years of hands on work.
This is a very labor intensive business, all of the materials we use are very expensive, the cost of shipping to order this material is also expensive. 24% of whatever I charge you, immediately goes for state and federal taxes, another 35% goes for overhead.
So, out of the $100 I charge you, I get to keep about $41 of it.  That $41  isn't just for my labor, it's also for the skill, knowledge, and experience that I've gained over the last 28 years doing this work day after day.
I've done thousands of pieces, so I know how to do it fast and efficiently and carefully. This is my profession , this is what I charge for, and I believe I'm very good at what I do.
Please do not ask me to tear up the invoice, and not charge you the sales tax. It's not only unlawful, but an insult to my integrity. It doesn't happen often, but it is irritating.