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Price Quote
What type of furniture is it?
Is it painted or varnished?
Would you like it just stripped or stripped & refinished?
If you're not sure what it's called, can you describe what it looks like?
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Once I've recieved the form, I'll e-mail you the price from my standard price list for that item, but it could be lower or higher, depending on condition or style. Some pieces are more intricate than others, and require more time, but I normally stick to my standard prices.
Architectural stripping is a little more complicated to figure because I charge either by linear ft. or sq. ft. , so I need a list of the pieces and what size they are. Once I get the form, we can follow up by either e-mail or by phoning me, to get the sizes, and then I can give you a total, including tax, so you can make your decision.
With dressers having so many different sizes, I charge by the square ft of just the front, so I need to know how tall it is and how wide the front is. The depth, from front to back is unimportant because it's pretty standard.

With Desks and Tables, the height will always be the same, so I charge by the sq ft of the top, the width x the length of the top.
Fill out the form and hit the "submit" button at the bottom of the page, and I'll e-mail you a price to consider.
Please feel free to ask any questions you have.